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3&phow long his cold weather will last.. and when a blast of winter weather could be on -3 the way. 3 anthem natt natsand... star spangled ccntroversy.the evidence that beyonceemayyhaveelip synched 3 presideetial inauguration. 3 3- 3 wednesday, january 23rd..- 3
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3 3 3 beforr you head out this up!we aae waking up to a code blue warning in the itt.
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city.megan gilliland is live from an emergency shhlter -3 dowwtown ith ome tips to stay warm out there. 3 good morning guys,we're live at thh einberg hoosing and resource center along fallsway. this shelter is open 244hours a dayynow....and can serve 275 - peoppe.just one option for fooks whooneed to step inside and et out of the cood. cold. 3 last niggh in fells point... it almost looked deserted.not maay people were out and about. those who were... were jjst trying their bess o ward off
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the cold.temperatures fell & back into the teens but it felt much colder because of theewind. because of that.... 3 warning last will remain ii effect thhough sunday eveniig.that means any shelters will have extended hours. hours.for a list of the 14 shelters currently operating -3& in theecity... you can go to fox-baltimoreedot com slash newwlinks... or call 3---1 3-1-1if you doohave toohead outsideetoday...remember to wear mulitple layerssof loose pitttnn cllthiig.grab a hat and scarf.drink lenty of ffuudd.don't forgettto check and keep your pets warm too.if you're using a space heaterr inside... remember to eep them away from curtains... furnitureeand evennclothing. 3 when it's thii cold outside... you an... and be smart.llve downtown ... i'm megan gilliland, ffx455mooning news. &
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3 3 a baltiiore city police officer accused of conspiiing to deal ddugs makes his first &pcourt's an updatt to a story yyu saw firss on fox. fox.officer kendalllrichbuug pleaded nt guilty to the charges yesterday in a federal courtroom.thh citt's internal affairs officers worked with the f-b-i to bbild the ccse against him.investigators claim he conspired to distribute heeoin, craak- cocaane and mariiuana.he'ss aaso accused of illegally & using a handgun durinn a drug crime.richburg's attorney insists the charges arr not what they appear. 3 (4:25:41) "its kinda difficult for he officers to play by the rules 3 when their opponenttis not." (4:28:04) "whatever officee richburg engaged in, it was designed to get ggns
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offfthe street and sometime it was ddssgned to please the poliie department." department."riihburg has wooked for the city 13-years and... most reeently... was &ppart of a special enforcement -3 unit which fights violent crime in northwest baltimore.a juuge has rdered hhm to remain behind bars until trial. policc need your help finding the suspect in a double shoottng thaa leff one man dead. ddad.police ay this wwman is wanttd in connection with the murder on januarr 12th on frankllntown roaa in southwest baltimore.29 year old tavone pierson was kiiled and another - person was injured.if you know who she is... call baatimore & city police. anne arundel county police are onnthe lookout for the uspect in another doubleessootinn.. phis one at a bar in odenton. pooice say raynard boston opened fire on a bouncer and a - bar patron at the ""y place" bar on annapolis road on saturday.bothhsurvived.anyone with information on booton's
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whereabouts shoold call anne arunnel county police. 3 four months after the deadll & attack, hillary clinton will pmuch of the blame for the ambushhonnthe u-s consulate is being blamee on her department. jillldougherty gives us a clossr lookk 3 more than four months after -3 ambassador chris stevens and beeghazi...hillary clinton - herself - must faceetheetough questions.what did the &psecretary oo state know before, during and fter because the american people were clearly deceived?aides sayy he's likely to repeat what sheetood cnn in october.i take responsibilityy i'm in charge of the state pepartment, 60,000 plusspeople 3& nine days after tte attack she was the first top official too 3 closed session since then there aae been more than 30 hearings and closed door but clinton'' testtmony was 3 illness..cintoo is ikely to tell congress how she already ordered implementatton of recommendations from an independent review.- tightened security at dipllmaaiccposts worldwide.sent threat analysts to over a dozen high-risk posss...and appointed a senior official to focus exclusively on succ missions. she needs to be askkd abbuttwhat she knew aaout the deteriorating circumstances in benggazi, id sheesee the 16 august cable, 3 of al qaeda militia. thatt 3 officer warnnd -- the u.s. missioo in benghazi had limited security and abbe to defend itselffin case of a coordinated attack. the textingg the instant messaging, ww reallyyneed to
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have a look at that whichhwe senators claim clinton's state department has ot handed over 3 benghaai. others want to know what cliiton knoos about: - ...those misleading talking points that u.n. ammassador seetember 16th sunday talk &pshhws.and why clinttn - herself - dddn't appear - instead.and they're asking why onll one suupect has beenn &pdetained so tunisia... and then releasedd will congress give the outgoing secretary of state aahard tiie? i'm sureeshe's not going toobe beaaen up. she's highly & respected by everyone on the committte. hoo hillary clinton handles herself could affect her legacy.
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3 three passengers walk away crash... vvrtually unharmed in connecticut.take a look at what's left behind. tree aad snapped aapowerline before coming paat along a streee.airpoot officials sayy tte enginn trooble ssarted about five miles's believed the plane's parachute ssfety systtm helped brrng the aircraft down slowly and help
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pave liies. the crash knocked out pooer to ovee onn-thousand pustomerss. 3 two people are dead, this - morning... after a train hit a car in new york state.theelong island rail roaddequipmmnt witnnsses say the car was trying to beat the train and people inside weee killed instantly. 3 in chicago... a massivv fire happeeed ttesday nnght.yoo cannsee theeflamess rising from the top of the buildinggthe ire deparrment - says about a third of the city's fire vehhcles were battling the injuries are reported and the cause is still uuder investigatiin. 3& coming up on the eerly editionn.. 3 as ou can imagine... folks are feeling & super around here. here. the -3 ravens made some bold strrkes in prrducing this super owll logo. and.... their efforts were nearll sacked by chilly temperatures. 3
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3 ((break 1)) 3 ((bump in)) 3 ((ad llb meteorologist)) 3 3 ((trrafic repooter
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3 ((trafffc reporter 3 ad libs))
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3 map greenspring ibeety 40 mmp 3 3 3 3 3 some couples take a year or more to plan heir wedding.but we're doing it in just one -3's our wedding in a enter to win an all- xpenses- paid wedding... on uss. enter.. teel us in a hundred words orrless why you should win.send your entry to "wedding in week".. 2000 west 41st street in - baltimore.. 21211... & 3& or log onto foxbaltimore dot
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-3 com to entee... you can also pnter on our facebook page... just click on the wedding in a week tab on the left siie of the pageebe sure to read the officiil ruues and include photo with your entry! entry!and it's all brruggt to show at tte baatimore - ponvention center february 2nd 3 still to come... 3 ppying big buccs... for a fake. three high- price items t tte grocery store... ttaa may not &pcontain hat you're ccually paying for. 33 and theechilly weather nnarly put a ravens' logo in theedeep freeze.
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33 ((break 2)) 3 super bowl fever is spreadingg from t-- hill to sparrow's point... and eeerywhere in between.paullgessler reports from where the ravens want fanssto knnw just howw 3 is! this ravens logo has been here on federaa hill for weeks.but, for some reason, there's new paint smell permeatinggfederall hilllpark.....that's because roman numeeals require a lot of paant.super bowl 47's logo -33 is prouddy on ddsplay foo all of baltimore to see.this logo stenciling did require some & hhrd work... speeifiially, thawing out.the spray painters the ravens grounds crew use to paint these logos áfrooe upá overnighhtthat delayed this -3 project a good two and a half hours...but, eventually, super bowl 47, new orleans, feeuary third... was visible for all pf baltimooe to see.(sot)vahe kazandjian: 11:48 "weel, it's &psupposed tt be 5 with the wind phill. and, even the ogg
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didn't want to o to far this mornnng."vahe kazandjian: the cause--hoses or no hoses." (paul)this may very well be super bowl 47 logo painted inn the city of baltimore.that'' because he ravens' grounds crrw is likely headed to new orleaas next week for the big game.reporting on federal hill, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. 3 we're follooing ray'' last ride all the way to the superdome in new orleans..eee our sttrres on the raaens -3& playoffs.... hear raw innerviews from the players... and find other web linkssby going to our website... foxbaltimore dot on the "ray's last ride" banner
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on our homepage. 3sttaight ahhad... controversy 3 perrormance,the question people are asking about her song this morning. 3 and... make sure you'ree fooos hat might not contain what's onnthe labbl. 3 ((break 3))
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3 3 3 if you think you know what's actually in the food yyu're buying, you could be wrongg.. and you may not be able too rely on the label.sandra endo taaes a look at kee products & that are ppime targets for food fraud. 3 3 fish, olive oil, honey and wine. items on your grocery list but you may be buying &pit economically motivated adulteraaionn or... simply... food fraud. "about 10 perceet of the food you buy in the ggocery shelf is probably adulterated." meaning its mislabelee, diluted or & misrepresented. ome of the biggest culpriiss fish products... " ou think you're fake crab.""some fiih are more expensive than others. if ttis -
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pas llbeled grouuer, could you tell it's catfish??fruit juicess.."in some cases, pommgranate juice has been pfund to be nothing ore thann water, citriccacii anddred food coloring.""sometimes juice is labeled aa fresh squeezed, when it's really made from concentrate." olive oil... "experts say 65 percent of extra virgin olive oil tested at the rocery store is actually diluted wiih lower & prade oils." "consumersshave flavor, these off flavors that reflect the defects you find in bad olive oil."and honey... "we now have he problem oo honee laundering."that's right, oney launddring. ..where honey from countries -3 with trade embargges is shipped througg approvee coontries then seet to hee united ssates. expired infant -3 ffrmuua and wine areealso on the ist f fake or mislabeled products. they gotta right - thh wrong, they're lying to uss you know, that's not right." "i think thee hould label so a consumer can come what they're buying." costs he u-s 0-15 billion dollars a yyar. aad counterfeittrs rake in the cass. "i think question comes pown to enforcement and clear -3 stannards aad the u-s right just asswwth any problem with food, if there's a problemm it's the connumer who pays, eether a higher priie, or throuuh illness."the fda requires all ffod labels to accurattly indicate what's contained in the food. the agency issues a warning to manuuacturers. ii it finds
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mislabeleddor misreprrseeted products, the products that do ultimateeyybe pullld from the shelves. sandraaendo, cnn, 3 experts ssy consumers should
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be careful of something hat looks to good o be true.ii it's cheap, the quality may not e as good, and try to -3 shop or trusteddbrands. coming uu... fury over minimum wage waae demonstrators hit the streets... seeking somm mmjor changes. 3 pth - hurricane sandy porka couple of weeks ago the u.s. house aaprrved $9.7 billion in the white house asked for another 50 billion. so, he & house auuhorrzed a total of more than $60 billion.that money will go to people in new york and new jersey. the hardest hit by sandy. funds also go to conneecicut, money also goes to ssatessthat weren't affected such as vermont, indiana and georgia.&pdo it this way. arizona, michigan aad south carolina are the only states left out. - the other 47 states and dc get hurriccne sandy relief monny. even alaska and hawaii.see, this is how wassington works. white house hhef of staff rahm emmanuel nnooriously said & never let aacrisis go too waste. and washingtoon doessnt. while theenatiin -3 shows coopassion in a crisis, & washinggon pooiticians behave like looters running from thee electrooics storeewith vs under their rms. except in this case, they plunder tte treasuryysadly, ttis is commonplace. virrually every & spending biil issloaded with millions or billions in pork to reward supporters, donors and political parties. the network newscasts, cableeneww & channels and major newsppperss won'tttell you about it beeauseethey love big governmenn.check out our websiie to see the billions of
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dollars in waste ann to see &&phow your congressman voted.i'm - mark hymmn. -3 3 3 3 & 3 3 3 i'm maak hyman.
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